Participant categories

Smocke man from Dalarna
First in the train will Gustav Vasa’s bodyguard leave, these are referred to in the sources as “16 smocke men from Dalarna”
We imagine that these look like the peasant soldiers from Paul Dolnstein’s pictures from 1502.
Cauldron helmet with visor
Rust jacket, or woolen unique
Straight trousers / downpipe boots
Medieval boots / shoes
The armament consists of crossbows and pile weapons. Since working crossbows require a weapons license, it is ok with attrapper

Landsknekt leased by Lybeck
Gustav Eriksson had to borrow German soldiers, so-called country jacks from the Hanseatic League in Lybeck for credit. These fought in a modern way with hillebards and pikes. Some had pods.
Country knicker, weapons
If you don’t have a weapon, we’ll lend you a pik.

Peasant soldier
Gustav Eriksson had great support from the common people, who were of course present when Gustav marched into Stockholm.
See “Smocke man from Dalarna” but simpler, e.g. simpler weapons or armor. Requirements for at least one bar weapon or a crossbow.

Gustav had the support of wealthy nobles, merchants and burghers.
Correct 1500’s upholstery but nice and expensive.

Correct church clothes/priestly clothes from the 1500s

Women, children, artisans, people who always accompanied an army.
Correct late 1400-early 1500’s clothes