Contact persons:

Hjalmar Olsson, Project Leader:

Henrik Summanen, Project Manager:

Johnny Vestlund, Proknekt:

Jonas Samuelsson, Stockholmsfänikan:

Registration for the event:

Here you can register or your group for the event.

Groups and groups can sign up directly via email to Johnny (Proknekt) or Jonas (Stockholmsfänikan), see email addresses above. Specify how many you will be. We assume that you as a group have modern clothing and weapons when it comes to jacks.

Individual participants can use the form below.

Here you can read about the types of participants we are looking for. The registration is not binding, but we will contact you before and verify for a bound notification. Requirements: You must have a reasonably historically accurate costume, soldier’s suit, country or peasant soldier, women’s costume, priest or burgher, different classes will go in different sections of the train. You should be able to submit a picture of you and your costume. If you are a soldier and do not have a weapon, we will arrange a spike for you.